Friday, November 21, 2008


Last week my opera singers and I were in Moab, Utah. We did the usual run of school shows in all the local schools plus a concert free to the public at the end of the week. It was a week that kept us on our toes because my soprano was very sick and couldn't get out of bed. We did three person shows all week. On the day of the concert, she went to the doctor intending to get a cortizone shot so that she could sing that evening. But once she got to the doctor, he told her she had pneumonia or bronchitis, sent her home with antibiotics, and told her not to sing let alone leave the bed. As a result, we ended up rewriting the concert and creating an "insta-opera" at the last minute. And to the credit of my singers, it went off really well. They loved us...even when we really had no clue what we were doing.
The other highlight of the week was that I got to show some of my singers around Arches National Park and Dead Horse Point. We went first to Dead Horse. The last time I was there, we drove up to the point, looked, and drove away. Woo Hoo. But this time we hiked from the visitors center to the point. It was absolutely incredible. I great little hike that gives you incredible views on all sides. And we were there at sunset. Dominick and Gretchen absolutely loved it (Brent and Chanelle were back at the hotel). By the time we left it was dark...and I didn't think I could find the cairns on the way back so we followed the road. It was normal desert dark with a moon through the clouds. So very cool.
A couple days later we went to Arches. We decided that we needed to see delicate arch because it is such a landmark to Utah--I mean it's on all the license plates! Again, because of the school shows, we were there at sunset. I have never seen a more gorgeous sunset. The sky was such a bright pink and was incredible. It was all I could do to stop taking pictures. If you're interested, you can see them at
Anyway, the point is, it was a gorgeous and incredible high point to a somewhat if not incredibly stressful week.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sad and Confused

I really don't want to get on a large political or moral soap box with this post (how's that for a beginning ;) ) but I'm confused and sad about some things. I'm sad that so many good people have lost some of their rights. Rights that were given to them and just as easily taken away. I'm sad for my friends who were looking forward to someday being able to marry the people they love. I'm sad about the hatred and bigotry it's caused. I'm sad that as a result of the very public involvement of the church people are blaming the church and labeling us a church of bigots. I'm sad about my friends who are asking to have their names removed from the records of the church because they can't bear to be associated with bigotry. I'm sad for the members of the church against prop 8 who were and still are being ostracized for their beliefs in equality. And I'm confused about why we can't seem to find a way to let everybody have the same civil rights. We're all human...we all have an inherent need to give and receive love, to have contact and connection with another human being. People shouldn't be told where to sit on a public bus and they shouldn't be told who they can and can't love.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Clue and Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody!!! I hope y'all had a good Halloween. :) Once I got out of rehearsal, and left Kevin, I went over to my parents for the annual and traditional pan fried hot dogs and french fries. And yes, I look forward to this's tradition...and really good! Anyway, we always watch scary movies after dinner while we hand out candy. For the last couple of years we have watched the latest M. Night Shayamalan movie. That's usually a good idea...unless the movie sucks. This time we watched "The Happening". The premise was actually not that bad...the plants and trees of the world are releasing a neuro-toxin because humanity is killing them with pollution. The neuro-toxin makes people kill themselves. It's just that the story didn't go anywhere...all the did was run around in the wilderness trying to avoid the neuro-toxin. And then there was this really creepy lady in the middle of the movie that had no connection to anything else. Basically, it was an excuse to show different ways for people to commit suicide. Totally creeped me out for no reason and wasn't worth it in the least. Needless to say, I came home and watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!". It's tradition yes but, a much better idea than the stupid movie.
Tonight, I'm watching "Clue". While some of you may think it is a stupid, useless movie...I love it. I have watched it since I was little and I love it. I can quote it backwards and forwards in my sleep. :)
Anyway, I hope everyond had a fantastic Halloween!