Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I had a conversation with a friend recently about randomness and how often it comes out of my mouth. Information that no one needs or cares about or even has anything to do with the subject at hand. This friend professed to be the "Queen of Randomness". Now, I love this friend dearly, and for all I know she is the actual Queen. But, I put forth that I could easily take a good run at unseating her queendom. Ask Shelly...she'll tell you all about it.

Why do I sit here writing about randomness...because I am bored!!! I'm sitting on my couch, with my Christmas lights on, drinking cocoa (hazelnut flavor without whipped cream), watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, season five. Yes, I am a closet trekkie--although, I guess I'm not a closet trekkie anymore because I just announced it on my blog. Anyway, season five is a good season. I much prefer the later seasons if for nothing else, the earlier ones are really stupid. So I started collecting from the end. This episode is the one with ensign ro--a bjoran who was released from prison to help the enterprise. I'll leave it at that since I can't imagine any of you really want to know the plot of a random Star Trek episode.

Speaking of Star Trek...if you haven't seen Galaxy Quest, it's really hillarious and worth seeing. Especially if you know about all of the true trekkie quirks--I mean the convention going, costume wearing, klingon speaking kind of trekkies. I thought it was going to be really stupid but it is really a brilliantly put together and just hillarious movie. Highly recommended.

Ok...I'll stop rambling. If you stuck with me to the end of this post I'm impressed...and thanks for reading!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Break is here!

The opera is done for the christmas break!!! Yeah!!! No more opera stars until January. And we went out with a bang. Our show today was...out at the Utah State Prison. I'm not sure any of us really knew what to expect. I won't bore you with the details but, I will say it was a fun show. They were so very nice, respectful, and incredibly grateful to see us. Which always makes for a fantastic audience. I can understand why my aunt and uncle enjoy volunteering there so much.
But can I just say...on the way home from the prison (at about 3 pm for those of you in SLC who experienced this storm)...we hit the snow. Hugo (our big white van) did very well...as did Brent who was driving. We are heavier than most things on the road but that also means we slide faster and farther. The freeway was snow packed and not moving faster than 20 mph...which made me happy...at least a little bit. Needless to say, we made it safely to the airport (to drop off Chanelle) and back to the production studios safely...an hour and a half later. Grand adventures in the opera van. By the way, we're supposed to have 7-10 inches of snow by the end of this!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Repetoire Lists

So as most of you know, I'm currently trying to find a job for next year. Well...once I decided I wanted to do university work, I realized I had to update my rep list. Because I would be doing art song, opera, and all sorts of music I have to have a comprehensive rep list. Comprehensive...yeah. That means art song, opera, operetta, musical theater, chamber music, and any other random thing you can come up with. Ok...so I went up to Dr. Breault's office and spent some time with his music library...realizing that there is no way I could ever remember everything on my own. Anyway, I just need to say that while I knew this would be a little crazy, I had no clue! It is currently ten pages long in 12 point font...and that's just the art song part. The opera part--that's currently single spaced and not organized--is five pages long. And I haven't started the musical theater part yet. It amazes me that playing voice lessons for only about ten years puts so much rep in front of one. Although I do hope I finish soon...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We all need help

I changed my facebook status yesterday to read "Emily is happy that today she doesn't suck!". I had some dear friends comment on my status...basically reaffirming their faith in me not sucking. It really made my day. I know that sometimes we are all less than great, and sometimes we really feel that we are less than great, and sometimes we all feel that we completely suck and need to spend the rest of our life doing office work or waiting tables. We all do. Every last one of us. I don't care who you are, there are times when you really don't have any faith in your ability as a musician or an artist. And while I know that criticism is good and necessary and a wonderful, necessary part of life, I am also a strong believer in being positive...in validating one's choices and abilities. Please don't think I'm advocating pink fluffy clouds and rose colored glasses because that's just not based in reality. But I've watched a dear, dear friend come face to face with a lot of issues in his life this week. Issues that are making him question everything he has worked for...and everything that he is truly meant to do and be. I can't help but think that a lot of this could have been avoided if he had someone--who he could believe--that was able to give him some good, positive feedback. Instead of everyone believing that he was ok and secure in himself and his choices. And as a result, he has worked himself into a deep depression, culminating in making drastic, irrational decisions that could leave him miserable. Anyway, I guess the point of this post is just to say that everybody--be they musician, artist, or secretary--needs to be told that they are good at what they do, that they contribute to society and their chosen field, and that they are successful. So, if anyone needs a pick me up...please don't hesitate to ask. And I absolutely promise...on everything I hold sacred...that it will be the truth.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Nutcracker

So my piano teacher asked me to play some Nutcrackers (with Ballet West) for him because he needed a sub. "Of course!" I say...not realizing the extreme regret I will be feeling about a week from then. The problem is...when he handed me the music, I realized it is completely and totally illegible! Not only are the notes hand written (usually ok) but it has been photo copied more times than...well...than something that has been copied a lot of times. So whoever is playing the celesta doesn't really know when to come in. Especially in act one when you have 35 minutes of rest before you play. I promise I'm not really complaining, it just is really funny. I'll figure it out and it will be fine. But it really makes me laugh that people are expected to just somehow intuit where and when they are supposed to play. And then everybody has made really funny notes for themselves all over it too...some of them written over the actual music. Very helpful.

Sadly enough, there isn't much more going on in my life right now. Just digging myself out of the pile of music. But it's all good. Happy Holidays!!!