Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've ranted on this before so I'm not going to this time. Y'all already know how I feel. :) But, I just want to has completely amazed me that the Utah Legislature won't even pass basic civil union rights. You can still get fired or evicted just for being gay...among lots of other things. Completely amazing and entirely stupid.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mt. Pleasant, UT

I'm spending the week in Mt. Pleasant, Utah with my singers. We're doing a residency tour...which basically means visiting the local schools and also giving a free concert. Usually, tours aren't that bad. I really enjoy showing off the cool parts of Utah to singers that haven't ever seen stuff like this. But I have to say...while Mt. Pleasant is beautiful (even more so when there's not snow everywhere), it is basically on the edge of nowhere. Which means there is NOTHING to do! We have literally spent all our free time sitting in the hotel, on facebook, writing random blogs, checking email every five minutes, watching every session of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, and...well, you get the picture. We have even resorted to going to the grocery store and buying frozen burritos for dinner because we have frequented all the restaurants in town (there are two) so many times that we can't go back. And I am not eating pizza again for the next month. It would probably be a different story if I had a car of my own and it was spring or summer, and I could go driving and hiking around. And I'm not saying Mt. Pleasant is a bad's actually a cute little town. Just emphasize little. Friday afternoon can't come soon enough!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Victim Channel...All victims, all the time.

So I was channel surfing today and ended up on Lifetime (aka the victim channel). I usually surf right past this channel (unless Frasier or Will and Grace is on). But sometimes it is just strange enough to catch my attention. This, alas, was today. And I have to share the hillarious insanity that was this particular victim movie.

When I initially stopped on this channel I thought it was a movie about a woman with post-partum depression. Well, it was...kind of. She kept thinking that her baby was trying to figure out ways to kill her. The funny part was that the baby was really demonic and was trying to figure out ways to kill her. She would spend each night standing up in her crib staring at the baby video monitor with evil eyes (and the mom watched from her room, scared). Apparently the woman had a daughter previous to this one who had died. The spirit of that child was evil too. She finally realizes that both girls had (and have) the same scar on their forhead...yet the baby had no way to have received the scar. Ya still with me? Anyway, the whole thing ends up with the demon child spirit taking the form of the dead daughter. In the end, the mom dies and the baby and the dad live. The very last scene is the baby moniter watching the baby. The baby (like four months old) climbs out of the crib, crawls a bit, stands up, and walks out of the bedroom. Probably to kill the father or something.

All I have to say is...demon babies?!?! Come on people! Can't we think of something better?!?! But then I stop and think. It's the victim channel...all victims, all the time. So I guess the mom can be the victim of her dead daughters demonic spirit returning in the form of her new baby daughter. Demon baby...yeah...stupid. But kind of funny...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Word Verification

So maybe I'm the only one in the world who does this but, have you ever paid any attention to the word verifications after you comment on someone's blog or something? The little wavy or squiggly words you have to type in to make sure you're you and not some stupid hacker. Well, I have been paying attention to them lately and sometimes they're pretty funny...or pretty close to real words...or you can come up with really funny definitions to these lovely non-words. Yes, I know, I am strange. But I have known that for a while and have basically come to terms with it. But it can be a fun game...and just as stupid as half the "write down what plays on your itunes to make a funny sentence" games going around facebook right now. For last word verification was "whici". "Wild hens instructing curious iguanas". Yes, it's stupid...but could be fun. Comment on people's blogs and enjoy!