Sunday, September 6, 2009


Addendum to my last post. Apparently an East High School student was killed by a car on 1300 E. This is the apparent reason they changed to one lane and lowered the speed limit. I still think it's possibly not the best fix...just because it makes people really mad and I've seen some scary things happen lately by mad people on that street. But, at least it's a reason. And I am sorry a student was killed by a stupid car driving too fast (and hopefully not a stupid student crossing at the wrong time or place).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Death to city street planners

Can I just say...whomever thought that making 1300 E. a two lane road (just one lane each way...just to be clear) from 1300 S to 400 S....well...they need to be shot!!! Worst idea ever!!! That's all.


So my mom and I went to the humane society on Wednesday. We had NO intention of getting a fact, I was rather adamant about it. But, as often happens in life, a rather chance happenstance occured. I came home with a puppy. I have to say, he is the perfect puppy so far. He is cute, well trained by his first family (I know, his real personality should start to come out when he gets comfortable but it's almost a week and he is still well behaved), sweet and really loving, always happy to see me, and basically always happy. As of now, his name is Happy...and I'm sorry to all of you that think it's cheesy, it fits him really, deal with it. Anyway, he is a fantastic puppy. I thought you might enjoy some pictures. I think Happy should be short for Chance Happenstance III.