Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year (a little late)!

To tell you the truth, I hate New Years Eve. Horrid holiday. But, the opportunity to start a new year, is at least a bit appealing. This year, I decided not to make tons of resolutions...just a few...and the first would explain my desire to do so.

1. Learn to be happy with where I am in my journey. I'm not discounting goals and aspirations etc., but I really feel like I have to be better at being happy with where I am. Trying to enjoy the journey instead of magnifying the things I'm unhappy with.
2. Continue and improve on being healthy...while still allowing myself small voyages into Wendy's, Del Taco, and chocolate. I'm a foody, I love good food, and for the most part I'm pretty healthy...and plan on improving that this year. But I refuse to deny myself really fantastic food experiences every once in a while.
3. Take time for myself--mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. Anyone who knows me, knows I am crazy busy. And I like it that way. There's lots of good music, and I enjoy playing it...and paying the bills. But, I also need to take better care of myself sometimes.

That's it. Nothing brilliant or earth shattering. But, maybe if I write them down publicly, I will be better at keeping them. Here's to 2011!!!