Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Since I can't actually say this to anyone...

Since I can't actually say this to anyone that it may concern, I will say it here.  I am playing 13 recitals this semester...9 before April 27th...and 5 in one week.  I'm doing my best to be at every one of your lessons and rehearsals.  But every once in a while I might have to leave ten minutes early, or accommodate someone who's recital might be four weeks before yours.  I promise I am giving priority to those whose recitals come first.  And I promise you will receive my best work at all your rehearsals and your recital.  And if I have to reschedule something, I will reschedule it.  If you have to reschedule something I will do my best...even if it is because you are too unprepared to perform.  In the mean time, please be patient.  And please stop giving me @#$% for things that are beyond my control...or for needing to give ten minutes to someone who has a recital before you or for anything else that I can't possibly divine at the moment.  I am only one person, and I am human at that.  Take a breath and relax...I'm doing my best to do the same, for heavens sake!

ps...no one who might read this fits into this category at all...I promise!  :)